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Amit Mondal

Amit Mondal (born June 8, 2001) is an Indian singer and actor known for his versatility in various genres of music, including Shyama Sangeet, Baul, Folk, Rabindra Sangeet, and dance songs. Sad Songs . He is recognized for his ability to perform both sad and happy songs with equal finesse.Amit Mondal was born in Ambika Kalna town, located in the East Burdwan district of India. He was born into a Hindu family to parents Baidyanath Mondal and Anima Mondal. He has a brother named Arup Mondal

Life & Career

Amit Mondal began his musical journey at a young age and made his debut as a singer in 2023. Since then, he has captivated audiences with his soulful renditions of various genres, particularly Shyama Sangeet, Baul, Folk, and Rabindra Sangeet, Sad Songs.He is also known for his energetic performances in dance songs.

Early and personal life

As of now, Amit Mondal is single and not married. He is focused on his career and continues to dedicate himself to his passion for music and acting.


Amit Mondal has released several albums and singles, showcasing his diverse range as a singer. His discography includes both studio recordings and live performances, each displaying his unique vocal style and musical expression

2024 - Bol Toke Chere Thaki Kivabe

2024 - Bou Amar Rakhoshi

2024 - Gulabi Saree ( Bengali Version )

2023 - O Ma Kali

2024 - Tor Oi Payer Joba Hoye

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Amit Mondal
Birth Name
Artist Name
Birth Place
Years Active
Amit Mondal
Amit Mondol
8th June 2001
Ambika Kalna
Singing & Acting
Eg. 2024 - Present
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