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Arup Jack Sarkar

Arup Jack Sarkar(born 17th Octber 1999) is a Indian singer-songwriter,

music composer, director and producer.

He is well-known for hit songs including Palbhar Ki Duri, Brakto Korbo na, Kas ki jo Tum, Bolte Parini,

appearing on a Tollywood make a movie Song. he was known by his stage name AJS.

Life & Career

In the tranquil town of Burwan, nestled in the heart of West Bengal, I, Arup Jack Sarkar, emerged into the world surrounded by the love and warmth of a humble middle-class family. From an early age, music beckoned to me like a gentle melody whispering secrets of the soul. Singing became not just a hobby but a sanctuary where I found solace and purpose. As I grew, so did my passion—evolving into a journey of music production, composition, and songwriting. Each note and lyric I create is a testament to my unwavering dedication and heartfelt connection to the art form that defines me. Through music, I transcend boundaries, telling stories that resonate with the universal language of emotions. Guided by my dreams and supported by the love of those around me, I continue to weave melodies that speak to the beauty and complexity of life itself.

Early and personal life

In the heartlands of Burwan, West Bengal, I, Arup Jack Sarkar, blossom from the embrace of a nurturing middle-class family. Music flows through my veins as both a passion and a calling, where I find my truest expression as a singer, music producer, composer, and songwriter. With every melody crafted and every lyric penned, I weave narratives that echo the colors of life's tapestry—its joys, struggles, and infinite possibilities. Guided by the harmonies that resonate within me, I paint my journey with dedication, creativity, and a deep-seated love for the transformative power of music.


2023 - Palbhar ki duri

2023 - Tanu Jagi Jagi

2023 - Tu Aake Dekhele Kabhi

2023 - Kas Ki jo tum

2023 - Birokto Korbona

2023 - Bolte Parini

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Arup Jack Sarkar
Birth Name
Artist Name
Birth Place
Years Active
Arup Sarkar
Arup Jack Sarkar
17th Octber 1999
Burdwan,West Bengal,India
Singer & Music Composer,Song Writer
Eg. 2015 - Present
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