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Guman Rajpurohit

Guman Rajpurohit (born 1st September 2001) is a Hindustani singer-songwriter, music composer, director and producer.

Life & Career

Guman Rajpurohit is a multi-talented individual born on September 1st, 2001 in Surat, Gujarat. He is a musician, game developer, artist, and fashion model. Guman has always had a passion for music and has honed his skills over the years to become an accomplished musician. His love for video games led him to pursue game development, where he has created several games that have gained recognition in the gaming industry. Aside from his musical and gaming pursuits, Guman is also a talented artist and has created numerous pieces of artwork that showcase his creativity and artistic flair. His love for fashion has also led him to pursue modeling, where he has worked with various brands and designers, showcasing their collections on the runway. Despite his young age, Guman has already achieved a great deal in his various endeavors and continues to inspire others with his talents and dedication to his craft.

Early and personal life

Guman Rajpurohit was born in surat, Gujarat, India. He uses influences from both his heritage and upbringing in his music, which he describes as R&B infused style with a crossover sound, peppered and Middle-Eastern influences. Knight cites Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men and Usher as the main inspirations behind his music.


2020 - Surat

2018 - Rajasthan

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Guman Rajpurohit
Birth Name
Artist Name
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Guman Rajpurohit
Guman Rajpurohit
01st September 2001
Singer, Rapper
2023 - Present
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