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Kakka (born 11th December 1998) is an Indian-Punjabi singer-songwriter, music composer, director and producer. He is well-known for hit songs including Kahani, Yaad Aayugi Meri, etc. He had participated in Open Mic Poetry in The Voice of Surat. on Feburay 2022, he is also known by his birth name Atul Verma.

Life & Career

Kakka sings in multiple languages, making him a multilingual artist, chaining together lyrics in Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi, as well as elements of Arabic. He started his career by writing poetry. He has written many poetries. His poetries are in different languages Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi. One of them is his famous poetry ‘Maut’.

Kakka began his career primarily as a songwriter, writing songs for artists such as 'Tu Hi Mera Pyaar'. In 2019, his first song 'Tu Hi Mera Pyaar' was released from 'Sammy Records', which was sung by his friend 'Sammy'. In 2020, his next song 'Teinu Pauna Aukha' was released which was written and sung by him. But he did not get much response from this song. He kept his spirit intact and took a long time to advance in his career. After a long time, when he felt that now he can do something better, then from 2024 onwards his songs came one after the other, out of which ‘Kahani’ Song became very famous.

2019 Released first written song: Tu Hi Mera Pyaar Operating under the label name ‘Sammy Records’ Kakka began his career primarily as a songwriter, writing songs for artists such as Rahul Sharma & Gaurav Gora. His first major success was with writing the hit single "Kahani (Meri Yaad)", his own label ‘Kakka – The Infinite’, released in 2024.

Early and personal life

Atul Verma was born in Karnal, Haryana, His Mother is from Punjab and his Father is from Haryana. He often says in his interviews that the reason behind his success is only his parents. Whatever I am today is because of my parents. His parents have helped him as much as possible in progressing his career. His father has supported him a lot financially also. He said that parents are the form of God. Who always think only for our welfare. So, we also need to help our parents in every situation.


2024 - Hass Leya Kar Bappu

2024 - Sohni Laggdi

2024 - Yaad Aayugi Meri

2024 - Kahani

2020 - Tainu Pauna Aukha Eh

2019 - Tu Hi Mera Pyaar

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Birth Name
Artist Name
Birth Place
Years Active
Atul Verma
11th Dec 1998
Songwriter, Singer, Composer & Music Producer.
2019 - Present
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