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Krishna Pandit

Krishna Pandit (born 25 October 1983) is a Indian singer-songwriter, music composer, director and producer. He is well-known for hit songs including Chiraiya, Sufy Soul Krishna, Mera Yaar Harbele and Taal Baje Gadiyal baje , the former appearing on a Bollywood Music Inductry . Prior to 2007, he was known by his stage Gata Rahe Mera Dil

Life & Career

Krishna Pandit sings in multiple languages, making him a multilingual artist, chaining together lyrics in English, Hindi and Haryanvi , as well as elements of Arabic and Punjabi. 2007–10: Gata Rahe Mera Dil Years Operating under the stage name 'Gata Rahe Mera Dil

Early and personal life

One name,  “Krishna Pandit” from the world of music BRAND.Krishna was born on oct.25 in 1983 Mandkola Village in Hathin (Palwal) Haryana.He was from medium class family. His father Shri Jeevanlal Sharma is a Succesful Business man & was in electrical department .Her mother Late Smt.Pushplata Sharma is a housewife. When he was two year old, he came Mandideep Bhopal with his family due to transfer of his father. His school education was completed from the school of locality. During his  studies in school. In year 2001 due to interest in Music he also started his music career, but due to his family decision he has taken admission in Govt.Engineering College (Harda) to diploma of electrical engineering,but he knows that  his future was not in engineering therefore in year 2005 he stopped his study of diploma & was going to start his career in music, but his parents were not happy with his decision & rejected him out from his home and family. At last by taking Aim of Music & giving his full devotion started his Career of music by this he got chance to show his talent, so he completed his B.A. (singing) study from Prayag Sangeet Samiti (Ilahabad).In present he was taking knowledge from his  Guru ji Pt. Mukesh Sawaner & Guru ji Pt.Sajjan Brahmalal Bhatt. In between this due to bad financial condition he regular faced various problems & also done different business.  But with in few years with his hard work & devotion he spread his magic of music & regularly shaping his talent by giving his best to music. In year 2005  he worked with Shri Ramswaroop Lallaji in his studio for many years regularly at Mumbai ,but giving the main importance to  his own work. He stopped working with Ram Swaroop Lalla ji. After that with Baba Satyanarayan Mourya, he gave stage performance in 75 national program of country as stage anchor & also done  more than 1400 program. In which he worked as music arranging, direction, recordist, music presentation, natak etc. At Mumbai in year 2005-06 he worked  with Nitish Bharadwaj & Ram Swaroop Lalla ji as assistant director. He also  worked with Chetanya Bhatt & Mukesh Sharma (Doordarshan Bhopal) in year 2007-09. Present time work on Own Music & Film Production Companies


1) KAPS Media Production Studio Since 2003

2) KAPS Naad Bollywood Magazine 2013

3) Aapka Star Music Company 2015

3) MP Report NEWS Pvt. Ltd. 2021



2003 - Voice Of MP

2005 - Best Singer

2006 - Music Arrengment

2010 - Creative Asia TV Music Awards

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Krishna Pandit
Birth Name
Artist Name
Birth Place
Years Active
Krishna Pandit
Krishna Pandit
25 October 1983
Mandkola, Palwal Haryana
Indian Folk, Country Music, R&B pop Asian
Singer, Music Director & Producer
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