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Krish, born on May 6, 2003, is an enigmatic Indo-Canadian artist renowned for his multifaceted talents as a singer-songwriter, music composer, director, and producer. With a persona shrouded in mystery, he captivates audiences, portraying a person behind the mask, adding an intriguing layer to his artistry. Notably, before 2017, he was known in the music industry by his stage name, Naamshikari.

Life & Career

Naamshikari's musical journey is distinguished by a seamless fusion of languages, incorporating English, Hindi, Punjabi, and elements of Haryanvi and Urdu, a testament to his versatility as a multilingual artist. In the nascent phases of his career, operating under the alias 'Naamshikari', he showcased his songwriting prowess, laying the groundwork for future endeavors. Among the tracks from his upcoming albums, anticipated to be released soon, are hits like "Pital," "Hood," and "Kali Car," each promising to resonate with audiences worldwide, further solidifying Naamshikari's position as a rising star in the music industry

Early and personal life

Born in the lively streets of Ambala, Haryana, Naamshikari's love affair with music ignited during his school years. As he grew, so did his knack for beats, honing his skills on FL Studio, fueled by an insatiable thirst for creation.

In 2017, alongside a trusted friend, he erected a small studio, where their musical visions blossomed. But in 2023, the call of greater horizons beckoned, leading Naamshikari to Canada, where he fervently pursued his musical dreams.

Now, armed with a fusion of Indian roots and global aspirations, Naamshikari is poised to unveil his soul-stirring melodies to the world, each track a testament to his journey of passion, perseverance, and unyielding dedication.

Upcoming projects


2024 - Hood

2024 -Kali Car

2024 - Pital

2018 - No Chours (unreleased)

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Birth Name
Artist Name
Birth Place
Years Active
Krishnanshu Sharma
6th May 2003
Hip Hop DHH
Rapper, Music Producer
2017 - Present
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