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Pappu Jogar

Puran Kalotra "Pappu Jogar" (born 19-11-1973) is an International Punjabi Singer and Actor whose works span over Punjabi industry. He has established himself a place in the heart of fans. He is well-known for hit songs including Nazar, Dil Kamla, Jhanjhar, Black Laws, Yaad Rakhio and Sant Sipahi.

Early and Personal Life

Pappu Jogar was born on Nov,19, 1973 to a Sikh family in the village of Jogar, Gurdaspur, Punjab, India. He was so fond of his village that he choose his surname commercially as Jogar. He has done his schooling from Local Govt. School. His interest was in Music and he used to sing songs in school functions and family gatherings. In the year of 1994-95 he has qualified with B.A.(Bachelor of Arts) in Music Vocal from Govt. College, Gurdaspur. In the year 1997-98, he became the Sarpanch of his village with unanimity. He married to Rupinder Kalotra and have 3 children. He came to the international tour of Canada, America as an Artist in the year of 1999. In the years 2003-2014, he came to Canada, America, England tour as a professional singer. After struggling a lot with his hardwork , he is a professional singer who currently lives in Edmonton, Canada. Pappu Jogar cites Gurdas Maan as his inspiration for music.

Music Career

1995- Bekadra- In the year 1995, Pappu Jogar released his debut song "Bekadra" which was a hit at that time and broadcasted on National Television (D.D.National).

2013-14 Album "Dil Kamla"

Pappu Jogar released his first album Dil Kamla in the year of 2013-14 with Be Punjabi Records which became a hit and also broadcasted on D.D.National


2023- Ammi

2023- Jatt VS Singer

2022- Sant Sipahi Guru Gobind Singh Ji

2022- Yaad Rakhio (Keep in Mind)

2021- Alvida... The Separation

2021- Waqt

2020- Black Laws

2019- Nazar

2013-14- Album Dil Kamla

  • (Dil Kamla,
  • Jhanjran,
  • Chatting Shatting,
  • Jandi Jandi,
  • Lok Dikhawa,
  • Gaddi,
  • Waqt)


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Pappu Jogar
Birth Name
Artist Name
Birth Place
Years Active
Puran Kalotra
Pappu Jogar
19th November 1973
Gurdaspur, Punjab, India
International Punjabi Singer
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