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Rahul Rathore

Rahul Rathore (born 10 October 1999) is an Indian-Punjabi Singer- Music Composer. He is well-known for hit songs including Sohniye, Chai Sutta Bar and his first debut album Dream Tape. Prior to 2018, he was known by his stage name Rahul Rathore.

Life & Career

Rahul Rathore sings in three languages, , chaining together lyrics in English, hindi and Punjabi.


2018 : The Rahul Singh Years


Operating under the stage name Rahul Singh, Rahul Rathore began his career primarily as a singer, composer and writing songs for artists such as bhangra style, pop, R&B . His first major success was with the hit single "CSB (Chai Sutta Bar)", for bhangra style, released in 2022.


Dream Tape (Album)


In May 2022, Rahul Rathore released his Album - Dream Tape including 7 tracks in it :

  1. Who
  2. Lost Night (Ft. Happy Singh)
  3. Leave It
  4. Jhanjhra Da Shor
  5. Glock (Ft. Nikhil Nahar)
  6. UK
  7. Turban Black
Early and personal life

Rahul Rathore was born on 10 october 1999 to sikh family in mansarovar park in Shahdara, old Delhi and he brought up in Dehradun. With his Maternal grandmother and grandfather. Dehradun, from where he completed his formal education, including high school and inter high school from Sneha Doon Academy. while still in school, he began his singing career by performing in school stage. Rahul currently works with the Record Label - HR Gabru and is signed for Music Distribution with One Music Records Distribution. Rahul's Musical team includes Music Producer - R Nade, other artists such as Happy Singh, Nikhil Nahar, Damanjeet Singh.


2021 - Sohniye

2021 - Chai Sutta Bar

2022 - Dream Tape (Album)


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Rahul Rathore
Birth Name
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Rahul Singh
Rahul Rathore
10th October 1999
Old Delhi
Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B, Bhangra
Singer, Music Composer
2018 - Present
HR Gabru
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