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Sachin Kumar

Sachin Kumar (born 2 March 2005) is an Indian singer-songwriter, music composer, director, and producer. He is a rising star of his generation, blending his technical expertise with his artistic passion. Professionally, Sachin is a Software developer pursuing BS in Computer Programming and DS from IIT Madras, one of the most prestigious institutions in India as well as pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from GGSIPU Delhi. Beyond his academic and professional pursuits, Sachin is also a passionate musician, an avid traveler, and a skilled videographer. He constantly explores new horizons and draws inspiration from his diverse experiences. His unique combination of skills and interests positions him as a multifaceted talent in the tech, music, and visual arts industries.

Life & Career

Sachin began his career as a professional coder in 2020, learning numerous skills while still attending school. Simultaneously, he nurtured his interest in music, playing various instruments, with a particular focus on the guitar. In 2023, he pursued engineering, enrolling in a B.Tech program in Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Madras. During his first year of college, Sachin also started working as a software developer for various companies.

Parallel to his academic and professional pursuits, Sachin embarked on his songwriting, composing, and producing journey with his friend Kanishq Tyagi, who shared his passion for music. Together, they honed their skills in production and direction, leading Sachin to develop his expertise as a professional singer, songwriter, composer, producer, director, and videographer.

Sachin's music is characterized by its multilingual nature, seamlessly blending lyrics in English, Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi, with elements of Odia and Bengali. This linguistic versatility adds a rich and diverse texture to his work.

With highly skilled time management, Sachin is poised to continue pursuing both his passion and profession, emerging as an upcoming star in the near future.

Early and personal life

Sachin Kumar was born in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. Over the years, he has lived in various parts of India, including Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, and Odisha, which has enriched his cultural experiences. Currently, he resides in Delhi. Sachin's father is a BSF personnel, serving the country with dedication, while his mother is a homemaker who has nurtured the family with care and love. He has three elder sisters: the eldest is a skilled architect based in Odisha, and the middle sister is a doctor at AIIMS Bhubaneswar.

Sachin's interest in music stems from his heritage and upbringing, with his family playing a significant role in nurturing this passion. They have always supported his musical interests, which has been instrumental in his growth and learning in this field. An extrovert from childhood, Sachin easily makes friends and has developed strong social skills.


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Sachin Kumar
Birth Name
Artist Name
Birth Place
Years Active
Sachin Kumar Muduli
Sachin Kumar
2nd March 2005
Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
India, Pop
Software Developer, Singer, Song Writer, Musician, Producer, Director, Videographer
2022 - Present
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