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Saga Ritz

Saga Ritz ( born 17th June 1996 ) he is an Indian singer, composer, writer, rapper.

His songs are like Bhed Bhaav, Shikaayatein, Nirbhaya.

His real name is Sagar Kumar.

His name Saga Ritz came from 2019 when he thought of becoming a music artist.

Life & Career

Saga Ritz started his career in 2019.

After that he also took some music classes and also did music production.

He was fond of writing.

Then he got support from his friend Anjali.

After that Saga Ritz never stopped.

Early and personal life

Saga Ritz was born in Agra, a city in India.

And from there he completed his school and for some reason he had to drop his college in the final year.

He started his career by listening to some Indian rappers like divine, honey Singh, Raftaar, Bohemia, etc.

And he also learned a lot from Bollywood & his favorite Bollywood singer is Arijit Singh.


2021- Universe the first

2022 - Shikaayatein

2023 - Saga

2024 - Nirbhaya

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