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Saksham Gupta

Saksham Gupta (born 23 January 1996) is an Indian singer-songwriter, music composer, director and producer. He is well-known for his recently released hit songs including Tera Jaana Sahi Hai, Chaahat, Baat Itni Si Hai, Teri Talabb, Kya Likhun and Kuch Bhi, the compilation of all the genres including - Hip-hop, Happy and Sad, etc.

Life & Career

Saksham Gupta sings in multiple languages, making him a multilingual artist, chaining together lyrics in Hindi and English. Not coming from a Music background; he had to struggle at every peny steps of life. He began his career primarily as a songwriter, writing songs for others as well as for himself; however, now doing as a Music producer and director as well. Though, he is continuing to serve an IT company parallelly.

Early and personal life

Saksham Gupta was born in Noida, under a typical Indian joint family. He is into music since school days, began learning hindustani singing from "Alaknanda Institute for Performing Arts" in 2005. He completed the school from Cambridge, got graduated from Galgotias University and parallelly began learning Music Production which futher helped him produce his own independent original track. He not only stopped at producing songs; but also began writing love stories which ended up to introduce him as an Author too. Few of his books are "Me & She" and "A One Sided Romance", etc. During this journey, he lost his Mother in 2018.


2020 - Teri Talabb

2022 - Tera Jaana Sahi Hai

2023 - Baat Itni Si Hai

2023 - Chaahat

2023 - Kya Likhun??

2024 - SUKOON

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Saksham Gupta
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Saksham Gupta
Saksham Gupta
23 January 1996
Music Director, Singer-Song writer
2020 - Present
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